Flashpacking…and Eating, at Paradise Cottage

I’ve discovered a new term on this third trip through SE Asia: flashpacker. And after a little bit of research, I’ve discovered that a “flashpacker” is exactly what I’ve become. Simply said, flashpacking is upmarket backpacking, and after saving for my last six months in Korea, I’d like to indulge a little. While staying in the cheapest rooms possible, aka mosquito nets, cold water, and fans, was what I’d always done in the past, we’ve now been able to splurge on hot water, air con rooms, and even a little resort stay in Railay Beach, Thailand.

The other side of our flashpacking has been food. As much as I love vendor food, and the excitement of ordering as authentic as possible, I do also enjoy a nice ambiance and atmosphere with my beachfront dinner.

Which brings me to Paradise Cottage. While in Koh Chang, Thailand, we took a 45 minute motorbike ride to Lonely Beach, and discovered Paradise Cottage. This boutique resort was a little beachfront paradise, with hammocked gazebos, a fully stocked bar playing funky house music, and an amazing and stylish food menu.

We spent our five nights in Koh Chang at Paradise Cottage, and it was truly paradise. Waking up, walking out to your hammock, and spending the day tanning, reading, journaling, or even just napping.

But now let’s get to the food. The menu was an ideal combination of western and Thai dishes, with the most tantalizing appetizers. For starters, we ate fusion spinach spring rolls, classic vegetable spring rolls, battered shrimp with sweet plum sauce, and my favorite, baked spinach and cheese. For salads, both western and Thai options were available, in the forms of both Greek and papaya salads. For mains, we tasted both western and Thai as well, ranging from spaghetti bolognese to Thai chicken cashew to both yellow and Massaman curries.

All of it was absolutely delicious, but if I had to pick a favorite, I’d go with the chicken cashew. It wasn’t your authentic chicken cashew, but forgive me for saying this, it was even better! From the freshness and flavors of the dish, I was sold after the first bites.

So please, please make a trip to Koh Chang in the east of Thailand, and you won’t go wrong staying at Paradise Cottage. Amazing staff, amazing atmosphere, and I can’t believe I almost forgot, the cheapest wine we’ve found thus far!

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