Amazingly Authentic Fish and Chippy

My apologies for the too frequent postings, but you have to hear about this delicious fish and chippy!


I was beyond excited for my first trip to Ireland, and Europe, for that matter, and I couldn’t wait to spend two weeks in Derry seeing Connor’s family and friends.


Derry is in beautiful Northern Ireland and was awarded the “City of Culture” in 2013, and it was the perfect recipient! It has history, beauty, and a true bounty of culture. From the friendly, welcoming people, the endless amount of sheep, and the delicious food, I was in love!

The Guild Hall, Downtown Derry
The Guild Hall, Downtown Derry

Derry has a very unique history, which includes the old walls enclosing the city, the troubles of the 1970s, and the perfectly preserved original city buildings.


Mural depicting Bloody Sunday
Mural depicting Bloody Sunday

The Derry food fare is also delectable! We ate like kings for two weeks, devouring tasty breakfast frys, home cooked meals, a variety of restaurant dishes, potatoes cooked every way possible, and of course, a fish and chippy!

Enjoying a pink and white ice cream in Buncrana
Enjoying a pink and white ice cream in Buncrana
An Ulster Fry
An Ulster Fry

We went to Devlin’s, a fish and chip take out, and ordered the fish supper, which included perfectly sinful battered fish, endless chips (french fries), mushy peas, which are actually so amazing, and tasty coleslaw! The menu was very daunting, but Connor helped to translate the Derry slang into lay man’s, or in my case, lay woman’s terms.

I had the most wonderful time in Derry visiting Connor’s friends and family, and I can’t wait til we return. Until next time!


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