Daring to try a Donkey Sandwich : Lurou Huoshao

It’s been a year in China now, yet I’m still finding new foods. With a country this large, the variety of regional cuisines is endless.  There are so many uniquely wonderful foods on every corner, down every alley. Just a few weeks ago a friend of ours discovered a new street food market, and oh have we been missing out.

A short tuk tuk ride away is a street lined with vendors selling treats from noodles, fried duck and chicken (all parts available), to stinky tofu, and wait for it…DONKEY sandwiches!  A few coworkers of our had discovered these one of a kind sandwiches, and were not only raving about how delicious they were, but also, how healthy donkey meat is, so I had to look into this for myself.

After doing a little bit of research, I learned that donkey meat is low in fat, high in protein, and loaded with many beneficial vitamins and minerals.  It’s also packed with creatine, which helps with muscle building and brain function. And it’s also delicious.

Donkey sandwiches, or burgers, can be found across many parts of China, and I am very lucky that one of those places is so close to home.  This sandwich, or lǘròu huǒshāo, contains chopped, braised donkey meat, cilantro, and green pepper.  These are then all stuffed into a huǒshāo, or shao bing, which a roasted, flaky bread product, most closely resembling a savory pastry.  The meat is sometimes served cold, which might sound weird or unappetizing, but in this case, it somehow works.  The freshly baked, piping hot pastry creates a good balance of hot and cold.

While I found this dish in a street food market, it can also be found in restaurants.  So when you’re in China, anywhere in China, ask around for a lǘròu huǒshāo, and you won’t regret the result, or the story you can later tell.

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