Living the High Life : 57 Stories Up at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore

My boyfriend and I went to Singapore in April to celebrate his 30th birthday. He had a plan to visit 30 countries before turning 30, and as April approached, he had made it to 29 countries. So the answer was easy. Where could we go from Hainan, China in a long weekend that we hadn’t been before? Why Singapore of course! Since it was the big 3 0, we decided to pull out all of the stops and celebrate with a little luxury, at one of the grandest, and tallest, hotels in Singapore. And we were extremely happy with our decision, and cannot wait until we return.

SkyPark Infinity Pool

Today I’ll just give a brief overview of our stay at this amazing hotel, with some examples of what you could do if you want to visit yourself!

Since we only had the opportunity to stay for 2 nights, and we visited in a very, very, very hot time of the year, a big portion of our stay was spent at the rooftop infinity pool, and that was the perfect place for us to relax and laze our days away.

Singapore Slings by the Pool

We also treated ourselves to the finer things in terms of food and drink, dining at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants : Bread Street Kitchen, as well as having both daytime and nighttime cocktails by the pool and at the rooftop bar. And of course we had to sneak in a cheeky late night room service, just because: a cheese plate for myself, pizza for Connor, and a few more extras, because why not treat yourself while on holiday.

Late Night Room Service

I will say, while we had such an amazing time, Singapore is definitely a pricey place, especially in a nice hotel like the Marina Bay Sands. But if you’re looking for a big way to celebrate a special occasion, or if it’s just a good time to treat yourself, then I highly recommend staying at this very tall, and very unique, place of paradise.

View from the Sky Bar

Lastly, I have to mention the service. It was absolutely top notch, from the pool staff, to the check-in, to the many special touches we received in our room. I have nothing but praises to sing for this fabulous hotel, and I hope that one day you can go and have a wonderful experience yourself.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about this hotel, check out the Marina Bay Sands website. This website is much more detailed than your average hotel website, and a little browse can answer almost every question imaginable.

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