When in Portland, Food Cart at 28th and Division

Yes I know, i used food cart as a verb. But is it not completely fitting for a city where the food carts are not only abundant, but all so insanely and absolutely DELICIOUS! My brother now lives in Portland, and so during my last trip back to the states, we had to visit his new home. And can you guess the first place he took us? Why yes, the food carts at 28th and Division. They are named the Tidbit cart pod, and they offer a fantastic array of foods, savory and sweet, healthy and guilty, big and small. The location also has a booze truck, and a nice seating area full of picnic benches, about half with an awning covering them.

For our lunch, we sampled a wide variety of foods from a few different carts. We ventured to Smaaken Waffles, Aybla Grill, the Doghouse Truck PDX, and a few more who’s names have escaped me! 

Gyro from Aybla Grill
Cheesy Fries from the Doghouse Truck PDX
Summer Special from Smaaken Waffles

All in all, a fabulous experience, and I’m glad I was able to begin to Portland with such a tasty smorgasbord!

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